The Professional DIY Package

A Fully Responsive Amazing Website At An Unbelievable £199

The Professional DIY Package

At An Unbelievable  £199

Whether you are an established carpet cleaning business or a new start up I will provide a professional carpet cleaning  web layout with completely FREE images that you are most welcome to use.

This is my most cost effective package. Most DIY websites that people attempt to build don’t look good. However this is different as I have done most of the legwork for you. Please bare in mind though that it’s called DIY for a reason. Ideally you will have a bit of web experience or even just be keen and be willing to teach yourself.

Here’s the best part though. Once i have uploaded your website the internet is your oyster. You can add different service pages or a blog etc. You can change the colour scheme. You can do anything you like as it’s your website so it’s entirely up to you.


Here’s How It Works

This is the most cost effective package. It’s also pretty self explanatory


1/ Domain Name And Hosting

You buy a domain name and get your own hosting account although I can help with this. I know a great company who I have personally used for years and they will host your site for less than £4 a month. Good reliable British web hosting with great support doesn’t come cheaper than this.


2/ Pick Your Pages

You then pick a homepage, service pages and a get in touch page from my list of professionally made page layouts. Their all listed in the main menu.


3/ Here's My Part

I then login to your hosting account and upload a premium wordpress theme and also upload the professional pages you have chosen. Carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning etc. At this point I will also make sure everything i supplied is working exactly as it should be.


4/ Here's Your Part

You can now login and paste your own content in and add your phone number and email address, hyperlinks  etc. This is where you can let your creative juices flow and do anything you like.

Wee Small Details

With the DIY package I’ll set up wordpress and upload the pages. Everything else is DIY including adding content and hyperlinks etc.  This package is Amazing Value  but it isn’t for everyone as it will involve a steep learning curve. However if you buy it and decide (within 7 days) it’s too difficult or you dont have the time then for only £100 you can upgrade to the professional plus package.


Optional Extra’s

1/ Professionally written content from £149
2/ 200 citations and directory backlinks £149
3/ Domain name and hosting £4 per month


I’m Sold! How Do I Order A Professional DIY Carpet Cleaning Website?

Call me as I will need some details to get the ball rolling and get your amazing website online as quickly as possible. However I do get that you might be busy so feel free to fill out the callback form and I’ll happily call you back to answer any questions you may have.